Catalyst Trusteeship Limited acts as a Trustee for various transactions involving “Loan Against Shares” and provides calculations of daily coverage, sends monitoring reports, ascertains top-ups/top downs and delivers notices, among other activities.

Share Pledge Trustee is often appointed as Monitoring Agent for valuation of shares and calculating Asset Coverage Ratio

Our Expertise

  • Team comprises Legal Experts, Bankers, Chartered Accountants and Financial Markets Experts with real world knowledge and over two decades of experience
  • Well-trained staff who ensure timely and accurate calculating and reporting of all key deliverables.
  • We have developed our own proprietary software for managing end to end operations

Services Offered

  • Monitor the Loans against Shares
  • Vet the transaction documents provided by the Lender
  • Monitor the compliance laid down in Share Pledge Agreement
  • Monitor the Valuation of Shares on an ongoing basis
  • Hold the shares as security on behalf of Lenders as Share Pledge Trustee
  • Sell the shares upon invocation of pledge on Lender’s instructions
  • Open an escrow account and transfer the proceeds of shares received from the broker to Lender’s account in case of invocation of security
  • Give top up notice and top down notice when required
  • Intimate Lender upon receiving margin money / top up
  • Provide monitoring report on daily / weekly / monthly basis reflecting various covenants