What we do

  • Ensure that all SEBI regulations are adhered to so that the Issuers are free to focus on their business.
  •  Ensure that the Issuers makes interest payments & redemptions in a timely manner
  •  Advise and ensure that the Issuer is in compliance with all the necessary documentary and other procedures for creation of the securities
  •  Safeguard interest of debenture holders by creation of stipulated security and ensuring adequate asset coverage ratio.
  •  Carry out Enforcement for the benefit of the Debenture Holders while complying with necessary laws and regulations.

Our Expertise

  • Management team with Trusteeship experience spanning more than two decades
  • Rich domain expertise as Debenture Trustees for both privately placed as well as public issues of debentures / bonds
  • Professional Services with a keen focus on Customer Satisfaction have enabled Catalyst Trusteeship Ltd. to make its mark and have won the confidence of the issuers of debt securities

Services Offered

  • Vetting of transaction documents.
  • Guide the issuer company on the process of security creation.
  • Enforcement of security on the instruction of the Debenture / Bond Holders.
  • Following up with the Issuer to ensure adequate security cover.
  • Always protect the interest of the debenture/Bond holders right from creating security till enforcing the security.
  • Creation and Holding the charge for and on behalf of the investors and hold the transaction documents in safe custody.
  • Monitor the security cover and financial covenants by seeking periodic information from the issuer company;
  • Ensure full compliance of the provisions of Companies Act, SEBI Regulations, RBI Guidelines and Trust Deed
  • Keeping Debenture Holders updated on any revision of the credit rating of the Debentures by Rating Agency
  • Timely and Effective resolution of investors complaints, if any
  • Conversion / Redemption of debentures in accordance with the offer document / trust deed

Catalyst is presently handling trusteeship assignments of large corporations, NBFCs, and Banks in excess of Rs. 8,50,000 Crores..