This is with reference to the status report updated as on 03.01.2020 in which we informed that we will give access to Virtual Data Room (SmartRoom) to Debenture holders of DHFL ONLY for updates regarding DHFL IBC proceedings. Click here for steps to access SmartRoom.

 06.08.2020_ Status Report IBC

25.07.2020 Details of Claims Verified / admitted by Administrator

24.06.2020 _Details of Claims Verified / admitted by Administrator

 17.01.2020_Letter to Debenture Holders 

 16.12.2019   Claim Form C submitted to Administrator 1 to 34

16.12.2019  Details of Claims submitted to the Administrator 

04.12.2019_Public Announcement by Administrator  

 03.12.2019_DHFL_NCLT Order CP 4258 -2019

 29.11.2019_ RBI Press Release_Application to NCLT for Resolution Process

IBBI Notification dated 29.03.2020