Trustee for Public Deposits

What We Do

Act as Trustee for Public Deposits accepted by Companies and NBFCs across India in accordance with the guidelines issued by RBI and NHB

Our Expertise

  • Handled Trusteeship activities for a large number of companies and NBFCs relating to raising their public deposits.
  • Thorough knowledge of RBI and NHB regulations and ensuring compliance of the same

Services Offered

  • Ensure payment of Principal and Interest amounts on due dates to the deposit holders
  • Obtain No Default Certificate from the Chartered Accountant confirming timely payment of interest and principal amounts to the depositors
  • Ensure compliance with RBI and NHB regulations by companies / NBFCs
  • Enable maintenance of Statutory Liquid Assets as per RBI and NHB Directions
  • Verify quarterly returns (NBS 1, NBS 2, NBS 3) submitted to RBI and NHB
How can we help you?

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