Security Trustee

What we do

The need to appoint a Security Trustee arises when Lenders / Financiers are extending the finance to Borrower on Multiple Arrangement basis or on syndication basis. As Security Trustee, Catalyst Trusteeship Ltd. would:

  • Facilitate dealings between Borrowers and Lenders
  • Function as advisor and efficient coordinator
  • Act as the Lenders’ Sole Representative thereby ensuring that their interests are safeguarded at all times
  • Mediate between the Lenders and Borrowers to ensure satisfactory drafting, execution and holding of security
    documents to the satisfaction of Lenders
  • Expedite the process of lending and borrowing by coordinating with all the parties concerned with the transaction

We accept Security Trusteeship assignments for the loans / advances granted by any Bank / Financial Institution to any corporate body.

Our Expertise

  • Served as Debenture Trustee / Security Trustee for a large number of clients
  • Rich experience of almost two decades in this field
  • A well-equipped team of experts comprising Chartered Accountants, Lawyers, Company Secretaries and others possessing rich experience in Banking and Debt Markets, making us the best in the business
  • Timely drafting, vetting and execution of documents
  • Securitizing loan portfolio with minimal documentation
  • Safe custody of title deeds
  • Expeditious and effective enforcement of security in the event of default
  • Efficient monitoring of the borrowers’ financial standing from time to time
  • Healthy participation of domestic and international Lenders
  • Lender replacement within identified debt with operational flexibility

Services Offered

  • Ensure clear and marketable title to the properties offered as security
  • Draft and/or get the security documents drafted by Solicitors / Advocates as per the sanction letters of lenders
  • Facilitate approval of draft documents by the Lenders and execution of security documents by the borrower and other joint documents between the Lenders within the stipulated time
  • Registration of charge with the concerned Registrar of Companies and CERSAI within the prescribed time limit, obtain satisfactory evidence of such registration and preserve the same
  • Get the security documents vetted from the Panel Advocate and issue certificate of enforceability
  • Act as custodian of the title deeds of the properties mortgaged
  • Arrange for verification of assets through Valuers on a periodic basis, ensure that the secured assets are in existence and margin is maintained and notify each of the lenders in case of default by the Borrower
  • Ensure that the Borrower obtains insurance of the assets offered as security as per terms of contract
  • Make copies of any notices, policies, certificates or binders available to the Lenders as and when required
How can we help you?

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